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What is Flexible Packaging?

January 21, 2015

What is flexible packaging? If you are new to marketing products, then you may not be familiar with flexible packaging and its many, many uses. What it basically is, or does, is too effectively and decoratively package wholesale food products, household cleaning products, healthcare products, tobacco related products, personal care products and items of all sorts. The type of material used as packaging can be almost anything, such as paper, foil, bendable plastic or flexible plastic that forms a pliable shape when loaded with product and then sealed.

There are many examples of flexible packaging that you may be familiar with, and some very creative new designs that have been released recently. Some examples include clear plastic vacuum bags or pouches, coffee sachets, ready to cook microwavable pouches, which includes popcorn pouches. Some very spiffy new types flexible packaging has been seen recently. Stand-up pouches made of flexible plastic that can hold all types of liquid and wet food. Dishwashing soap, cooking oil and even cat and dog food are being packaged effectively in stand-up flexible plastic packaging.

Self-adhesive tin tie bags, and bags with one-way air valves or degassing valves, often used to store and display coffee, are very popular. The flexible packaging market worldwide is immense. In America alone, it is conservatively estimated to be more than a $20 billion dollar a year industry.

No matter what kind of industry it may be, flexible packaging is being used in some capacity to effectively store and decoratively display products. Tin cans, aluminum cans and square plastic containers have always been a serious factor in determining a product’s final price. Now, with many types of flexible packaging material available today, cost-effective alternatives to tin and aluminum have helped companies to increase their overall profits, while at the same time increasing product shelf-life. What is flexible packaging? It is an incredible means to package products in a way that makes handling and storing them must easier.

Flexible packaging companies and suppliers are also experts at manufacturing custom packaging solutions for industries other than the food industry. For example, plastic sachets can be effectively used to hold shampoo, sunscreen and a myriad of other care products. Pharmaceutical products and health food, such as pills and powders, can be effectively displayed using flexible packaging. Automobile oil, grease, nuts and bolts and rubber gaskets of all sizes can be easily stored and tracked using flexible packaging. There are really only a few limitations with flexible packaging, but the best way flexible packaging can help your business is pure marketing magic.

Dressing and Decorating Products in Flexible Packaging

When it comes to decorating rigid packaging, such as tin cans and boxes, labeling can be costly and time consuming. Often times, product labels are supplied from outside suppliers and can cause serious production delays if the labels are delivered late. This is never the case with flexible packaging because all your company’s advertising and product decorations are printed on the flexible plastic packaging. Truly, the marketing potential is limitless when switching from rigid packaging to flexible plastic packaging. Changing brand identity graphics, company logos, special offers or any type of graphics is amazingly simple. What is flexible packaging? It is the future of packing.

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