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What are the Different Kinds of Packaging for Food?

April 13, 2015

Today companies can choose from a wide variety of packaging for their food products. Not only are there different types of packaging but there are also numerous features and benefits to fit the needs of the company. In addition, a business can display their logo in creative and eye-catching designs to capture the attention of the consumer.

Stand Up, Doy and K Seal Pouches

One of the most innovative packaging designs is the stand-up pouch. This type of packaging offers a myriad of benefits for both the business and consumer. They are the best economical substitute to ridged and corrugated packages. The stand-up pouch is very streamline and takes up less storage while reducing your transport costs. As well, they use up to 70% less resources (by weight) compared to rigid packaging.

Stand up pouches also come in a large variety of sizes. A company can choose from various materials and laminations that add barrier properties to protect the product. Additionally, stand up pouches can be made from laminated, mono film and co-extruded materials.

For the consumer, stand up pouches offer many features. They have easy to open tear notches and a zipper that re-closes.

Doy packaging is a stand-up versatile pouch ideal for beverages like coffee, tea, juices, fruit or yogurt. The main advantages of this type of packaging is that it maintains the products freshness, has a large surface for printing, displays the product in an upright position and reduces shipping costs. Doy packaging is also Eco friendly. It reduces food waste and packaging material.

K seal stand up pouches are designed to keep freshness in and bacteria out. Typically the seal is on both sides at a 30-degree angle from the bag. In fact, the K seal bottom gusset allows for extra volume. This type of stand-up packaging is recommended if the pouch needs to hold 1-5 pounds.

Other Types of Packaging for Food

Vacuum pouches and three sided seals are also another great solution for food packaging. The three sided bag uses a variety of materials that increases barrier protection for breads, nuts and spices, poultry, seafood and soups. As well, they provide exceptional durability, superb seal strength and incredible clarity.

Vacuum pouches offer extended shelf life for foods like cheese, meat, fish, poultry, seafood, liquids, oils and small goods. Vacuum pouches are designed to be strong and extremely durable. As well, they have outstanding puncture resistance. Vacuum packaging can also have several additional features such as a euro hole, a hang-sell hole, a round hole, a re-sealable zip lock, rounded corners and tear nicks to make it easy to open.

For potato chips, confectionary, candy bars, dried fruit and other snack products; Fin, Lap and Quad seal bags are the best choice. These types of pouches usually have a side gusset and are sealed on the bottom or top with one center fin at the back. They are designed to seal in freshness and can have a hole punch for hanging or they can rest on a shelf.

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