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What Are Lidding Films and Their Uses?

August 7, 2015

Modern materials create all sorts of effective packaging options today. At times, these options provide clear seals for food containers and at other times, branded bags, seals or other types of packaging. Lidding films are part of these options.

Definition of Lidding Films

A lidding film is a multiple-layer film material that is heat sealable on certain containers. The layers typically include one of polyester substrate and a heat-sealable one. Film of this makeup is suitable for creating peelable lids for a variety of containers. Various styles of the lidding films also include an anti-fog additive to keep it from clouding up under refrigeration or other circumstances. Read on to discover a number of uses for this film.

Uses of Lidding Films

The lidding films are suitable for weld and peel seals on PVC, PET, PS, PP and PE containers as well as being ideal for MAP. Lidding films create a secure oxygen and moisture barrier for products. Uses for these films include sealing meat, seafood and poultry to keep them fresh in storage and in the store for sale. Other examples include the inner lids on soft margarine containers, frozen dinners, certain medications and more. Vacuum packaging of foods in yet another use of these films. Bags for candy, crackers and other merchandise often include these films. In fact, there are almost limitless possibilities for these films.

Branding is Possible with Lidding Films

Since these films are printable, they are ideal for broadcasting the brand of your company. No matter the product that these films will enclose or envelop, you can print whatever message, logo or other information you desire on them to help promote your brand.

Information About “The Reit Film

The Reit Film is A&M Packaging’s own creation. Our R&D department and Mark Reitberger, our managing director, worked diligently to develop this state-of-the-art lidding film. In fact, its name is in honor of Mark’s contribution to this product. Along with the uses in the earlier information, the printed lidding films from A&M are the ideal alternative to a number of the customary label applications. Therefore, they can reduce your costs, personnel and materials necessary it certain areas of your company. Our new film also is suitable for trap/reverse printing. This technique eliminates the scuffing from the printed finish.

Another feature is that an anti-fog agent can be added to ensure the lidding film is will not fog under refrigeration or other conditions, as mentioned earlier. The agent is adjustable according to your specific purpose. The Reit Film also complies with FDA Food Grade Standards.

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