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Vacuum Pouches are Ideal for Gas Flushing Packaging

February 12, 2015

Food preservation is of paramount importance for businesses, even in household settings which do not often require as high or impeccable a standard of food preservation (say, when compared to five-star restaurants, high-end eateries, fast-food diners and the like). Even in most commonplace settings, the importance of keeping food fresh for longer doesn’t only spell better-tasting meals, but also a subsequent preservation of the inherent nutrients found in food.

Another important reason to opt for high-quality food preservation is common sense. It helps to increase the shelf-life of food, saving you money, but it also prevents that possibility of any food-borne pathogens from multiplying and causing illness. Everyone knows that most common cases of food-related illness and food poisoning come from unwittingly consuming food which has spoiled, or from food which is well into the process of becoming spoiled. Proper food storage ensures that such situations do not occur.

How to prevent this from happening? One of the best ways to guarantee the utmost in food freshness is gas flushing. In the world of metallurgy, gas flushing (also called sparing) is defined as a technique which channels inert gas (i. e. helium, argon, nitrogen) through a liquid in order to remove oxygen. In food preservation however, gas flushing denotes a practice wherein oxygen is removed from a container or storage article, thereby creating an anaerobic environment or a vacuum where most bacteria cease to grow.

This is often done through the use of specialised vacuum pouches which can be hooked up to a gas flushing machine that removes all of the oxygen from the container. This helps to keep fresh foods like meat, poultry, and seafood fresher for longer. Gas flushing is a perfect way to safeguard food freshness and increase the overall shelf-life of perishable foods. Ultimately, to ensure optimum food preservation is to vacuum-seal cleaned cuts of meat and refrigerate them at a temperature of 0°F or lower.

The Need for Vacuum Pouches – A Quick Look

As an example, one may wonder if there really is a need for vacuum pouches when simply plopping a clean hunk of meat into a deathly-cold freezer, regardless of the type of container, does the job effectively? The truth of the matter isn’t quite as clear-cut, since even the most supposedly ‘air-tight’ of containers may still harbour oxygen which can result in eventual spoilage. This is especially true when taking into account factors such as temperature fluctuation and the inevitable defrosting and re-freezing of meats which are taken out for cooking on a daily basis.

With vacuum pouches, one doesn’t only guarantee truly air-tight (read oxygen-free or anaerobic) containment, but allows for greater storage space when compared to typical methods of storage which take up space and doesn’t guarantee uniform freezing. Pouches are also extremely durable (no more torn plastic wraps) and long-lasting, helping to keep both oxygen and moisture out of food, and extending its shelf life.

It can even be used outside of freezing conditions, to preserve dried foods and sundry other foodstuffs in order to prolong their freshness. Vacuum pouches, alongside gas flushing machines, are therefore indispensable for both home and industrial food preservation uses. For more information on vacuum storage and how to obtain pouches and related food-preservation accessories, please visit:

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