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Vacuum Packaging Uses and Advantages

October 27, 2015

Companies often turn to vacuum packaging or packing today to protect their food products to extend the period of marketability of the products. The reason they do is that foods that are vacuumed packed stay fresher on the shelves or in refrigerator cases much longer than those in non-vacuum packaging do in every instance. A vacuum environment removes all the oxygen from the area around the food. Experts have known for a long time that exposure to oxygen speeds up the degradation process in food. Here at A & M Packaging, we provide clients with a wide assortment of film structures in our vacuum pouches to enable our customers to extend the life of their food products. We list some of the uses and advantages to this type of packaging in the following information.

Uses for Vacuum Packing

A & M provides pouches up to 400 mm in size that work for semi-automated, fully automated or hand-pack packaging systems. All our pouches provide clarity, durability and superior seal strength. The main uses for these pouches are to protect perishable products, such as the ones below:

• Raw beef, pork and other red meats
• Raw poultry
• Cheeses in both solid and shredded forms
• Shrimp, fish and other seafood
• Liquids
• Oils
• Nuts and other snacks
• Cooked and processed food products
• Fruits and Vegetables
• Non-food products

Types of Vacuum Processing

Our bags for vacuum packaging can be filled with through various options of vacuum processing, such as:

• Gas flushing
• Modified Atmosphere Pressure or MAP
• Processes for boil in the bag foods

Our pouches come in up to nine layers of co-extruded films to provide a puncture-resistance packaging even with meats that contain bones. In addition, to being able to accept a vacuum application, our pouches come in re-sealable zip, round-hole, euro-hole, hang-sell and other forms.

Advantages of Vacuum Packing

When a company vacuum packs their perishable products or other merchandise, it will realise certain advantages, such as the following ones:

• Increased shelf life
• Ensures that the foods are safe for consumption
• Clear packaging for customers to view products whenever necessary
• Expands branding of the company
• Saves storage space since the air is gone from the packaging additional products will fit on the shelf compared to non-vacuum packing options
• Decreases product waste
• An affordable option for packaging
• Less need for preservatives with certain foods

Consider vacuum packaging as an effective means to protect your perishable products and other merchandise today. Consult with A & M Packaging to learn additional facts about our services. We guarantee that our products will perform to optimal standards at all times.

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