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Thermoforming Films Benefits

February 23, 2015

In a market progressively subjected by substandard products, thermoforming films are the ideal solution for a high quality and protective seal. It is renowned for its superb top performing flexibility as well as its superior strength. And when it comes to the numerous benefits, thermoforming film outweighs them all.


Thermoforming film can be used for a wide diversity of packaging needs. It is ideal for food products that require high grade standards such dairy products, fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, seafood and poultry. It can also be used to pack other products like cosmetics, machines, medicines and applied to packaging boxes to make the packing easier.

Thermoforming films snug and weld seal has proficiencies to PET, PE, PP, PS and PVC containers; all of which are excellent water and moisture barrier material. In addition, the packaging includes an anti-fog that is seamless for chill case presentation.

Superior Labeling

Thermoforming film has the capacity of reverse trap printing. This type of multicolor printing has the ability to accept printed ink that allows overlapping or underlaps without misregistration. The end product is devoid of scuffing and unsightly white-space or gaps.

What is more, thermoforming film is free of moisture and condensation that can collect on many other types of packaging. Not only does the moisture create a potential health hazard but it also makes it difficult for a customer to read. Having packages that are anti-fog resistant will save on manufacturing time, reduce spoilage, cut costs and decrease materials needed. In addition, it gives a hygienic and clean look when packed which can increase sales.

Other Benefits

With its multiple ranges of benefits, thermoforming film is the ideal choice for packaging. Not only can it increase processing yields by reducing the quantity of film needed but it can withstand high impact and is puncture resistance. With its extra strong features, thermoforming film delivers less leakage when packing sharp-edged or rigid products.

Thermoforming film also has a plethora of oxygen transmission rates that includes medium and high barrier films thus rendering greater flexibility. And when it comes to Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP), thermoforming film is perfect. The easy to peel packaging improves the shelf life plus prolongs the initial fresh state of the product.

Thermoforming film comes in many thicknesses to suit your packaging needs. As well, it is UV protected making it applicable for a variety of products. It also retains strength at freezing temperatures, keeping the products fresh and presentable.

One of the most beneficial features of thermoforming film is the reduction of costs. Not only does it increase processing yields and but the product itself is substantially cost effective. It is no wonder that thermoforming film is the packaging choice with its strength, flexibility, low cost and high yields.

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