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The Versatility of Zipper Pouches as a Packaging Product

January 27, 2016

Pouches made from barrier films with zippers allow consumers to open them, take out a portion of the contents and then reclose them to keep the remainder of the contents fresh. With this packaging product being so popular with consumers, you need to consider for your own products. On top of attracting the consumers to your products, you will also discover that these zipper pouches are highly versatile and will protect all sorts of products.

Pouches With Zippers Protect a Variety of Products

Pouches that zip protect nuts, coffee, confections, soups, pet food and treats, and fruit juice just for some examples. Even pasteurised and sterile products will stay fresh or safe inside these containers. The pouches are customisable as far as the type of barrier properties that you require for maximum protection of your products.

Zipper Bags or Pouches Are Lightweight

Pouches with zippers are lightweight enough not to add excessive weight to your products during the shipping process. A benefit such as this saves you money on the cost of shipping. In addition, a number of the packages stand up on the shelf without assistance for easy stocking in the store, and since the packaging is so thin, more products will fit on your shelves.

Ideal for Printing for Branding Purposes

Pouches that zip from our company will accept both flexo and 12-colour printing for branding purposes on top of inclusion of the necessary information on the product ingredients. Consumers need to remember your brand name for return business. They also deserve to know the ingredients that are in all of your products. This is especially important with edibles.

Easy to Open and Close

Zipper pouches are easy to open and close. Consumers do not appreciate needing to almost sandblast into packaging to access the product inside it. We will even make these pouches to have easy-open tear notches upon request.

Customisable to Fit Your Exact Specifications

While our company offers certain standard sizes of these pouches, we will happily consult with you on the specifications that fit your needs. Our sales people will be able to advise you with the cost, barrier films and other information that you may need to place an order for the sizes of pouches that are suitable for your products.

Contact AM Packaging to learn additional information on our zipper pouches for packaging your products for storage, display and consumer use. We guarantee quality guidance, packaging and printing to all our clients.

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