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The Importance of Customised Packaging for Different Products

October 5, 2015

The importance of customised packaging for different products is paramount to the success of a business. Customised packaging not only safeguards a product from damage during transportation but it protects against spoilage and increases sales. In truth, packaging that is customised makes handling, storing and inventory more efficient and cost effective.

Different Products Need Different Packaging

When it comes to packaging, one size or style does not fit all. Different products need different packaging. Every product requires its own set of packaging standards and design to ensure safe delivery and handling plus efficient storage.

The type of customized packaging also hinges on the sort of the material being transported such as liquid or solid. Food products are the perfect example. Some food items like meat or vegetables need specialized temperature-maintained containers. Ready-to-go food products need eye-catching designed customization plus packaging that keeps the product from damage.

How a product is package also depends on its susceptibility to surrounding elements. For instance, sturdy products can be stored inside everyday packaging. However, fragile products involve firm and extra strength packing.

A products worth is also important when determining the type of packaging that is best suited for the product. The right packaging will reduce damage and minimalize theft. For example, a disc can easily be stolen if the packaging is the same size. But with a larger sized container, the disc is harder to confiscate. As well, larger sized packaging can offer more protection from damage.

Advanced Packaging

Today there are a wide array of innovative packaging materials that is more cost effective, durable and flexible. In fact, the choices are unlimited which make packaging and designing stress-free.

Likewise, there are numerous types of packaging to fit the exact specifications for different product. For instance, there are a variety of food packing options like:

  • K Seal Pouches
  • Stand up Doy Packs
  • Courier and Security Bags
  • 3 Side Seal Vacuum Pouches
  • Fin, Lap and Quad Seal Bags
  • Thermoform Films for Lidding

Reducing Costs with Packaging

When different products have tailored customised packaging, it can reduce your expenses substantially. Custom packaging drastically reduces damage during shipping and handling, the cost of storing with more stackable products, the size of packaging and labor costs. Custom packaging also increases sales with better marketing value such as striking labels and easy-to-open containers.

Unique Designs

Unlike standard containers, custom made packaging is unique and can be stylized for individual products. In truth, a distinctive design has the incredible power to immediately grab and hold the attention of a consumer.

Using custom designs for packaging greatly merges innovative technology and art for safeguarding products when stored, shipped and distributed. And as for marketing, there are numerous options for professional custom prints for all types of packaging. The labels can be stylized to fit your distinctive needs and emphasize the use of your product. And when the labels on your packaging resonate with your customers, the marketing scheme helps develop your brand. With creative marketing and unsurpassed protection, customized packaging far outweighs generic and standard styles.

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