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The Importance of Courier/Security Bags in the Medical Industry

July 21, 2015

The medical industry must keep vital supplies, tissue samples, blood products, medications, medical papers and other important medical items safe during storage and transport. As a result, the industry relies heavily on courier/security bags to protect these items to ensure that they stay safe from tampering or possible damage. Read the following information to discover possible medical uses for these bags.

Transporting Lab Specimens

Hospitals, clinics and doctors’ offices often send lab specimens to independent laboratories for proper analysis. Each specimen must be clearly marked with the patient’s name to ensure the results do not become confused with another patient’s results. Some of these specimens could even be of an infectious nature. Whatever type of specimen it is, the courier/security bags provide a secure way to transport them in an easily identifiable manner since these bags allow establishments to label what is in each bag. They also seal securely to prevent contamination of the specimens from outside sources.

Blood Products or Test Samples

Blood products and test samples are other types of medical items that need safe transport routinely to and from medical facilities. Being able to separate these items in a safe manner is necessary to keep them pure for their intended purposes.


The sealable courier/security bags also provide a reliable way to store all types of lab specimens, blood products, test samples and even medications when necessary. After all, permanent ink is usable for marking each bag on the white areas to indicate what is in each bag.

Mail Delivery of Medications, Certain Supplies and Medical Records

Another use for courier/security bags for the medical industry is mail delivery of medications, certain medical supplies and medical records. Patients select mail delivery for their prescription medications and medical supplies for its cost-effectiveness and convenience. Certain styles of the courier/security bags contain a place for a patient’s address on top of the address of the pharmacy or medical-supply company. The mail version of these bags also is useful in mailing medical records when the need arises for a patient.

AM Packaging provides a wide assortment of courier/security bags that are ideal for use by the medical industry and other industries. Printing is available with various options and colours. Other advantages to ordering these bags from our company are that the bags are made from a non-slip material, provide tear-off receipts to enable tracking, contain self-sealing through tamper-evident tape, have white panels on which to write on and offer punch-out areas to create handles that enable easy carrying. In addition, we offer level one through level four categories of tamper-evident tape depending on your needs to ensure whether or not an item has been tampered with inappropriately.

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