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The Importance of Branding and Design in Plastic Packaging

March 7, 2016

Today, companies must focus a great deal of attention and consideration on the design and branding of their plastic packaging. Without ensuring that this packaging provides adequate protection for their product while it also promotes the brand in the ideal manner, the packaging will not entice the consumers to purchase the items that are in it. When sales fail to increase, this harms the profitability of companies. If you are the one in charge of the decisions about the packaging at your company, you must understand how crucial it is for you to make the right choices.

Select the Right Barrier Level

Selecting the correct barrier level always is the first step with a packaging that is from plastic material. Since products vary in their needs for protective measures to ensure their freshness, you must be certain that your merchandise receives the right type of packaging material before you can proceed with the design and branding processes. In addition, you need to understand whether or not your edibles require a WICOVALVE® to enable consumers to release built-up gases. Coffee is an example of such a product.

Various Design Options

Select the design of your plastic packaging once you determine the barrier requirements. Our company of A&M Packaging carries the following design choices:

Lap, Fin & Quad Seal Bags – Bags such as these are ideal for snack products, including various sweets and potato chips. Also, they are usable in machines that form, fill and seal, and they can sit on shelves or hang on a rack via a hole.

3-Sided Seal and Vacuum Pouches – These pouches sufficiently protect seafood, breads, poultry, soups, nuts, spices and other products.

Barrier, Thermoform and Lidding Films – Our films include ‘The Reit Film’, which is a creation of our own R&D department. It provides a superior seal for PP, PE, PVC, PS and PET containers.

Stand-Up, K-Seal and Doy Pouches – Our pouches are available in a variety of barrier strengths. We also will provide these pouches with WICOVALVES® or re-sealable zips.

Security/Courier Bags – Bags such as these are for medical, transport, financial and security industries where various degrees of security and tamper evidence are necessary.

Branding Is Necessary to Promote the Company and Product Name

Branding your company is just about attracting attention to the name of your company or the products that it is promoting to the others. We offer various printing techniques and colours to place whatever information that you prefer onto your choice of packaging to brand it in the proper manner.

When you successfully combine all the above elements for your plastic packaging needs, the design and branding of it will help to sell your products. Consult with A&M Packaging to receive guidance on which of our packaging choices is ideal for your company’s products.

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