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The Do’s and Don’ts in Plastic Food Packaging: Knowing What Is Right for Your Products

February 24, 2016

One of the most important elements of the food industry after the quality of the products is how to protect the food products for storage, transport and sale in a way that retains its freshness in a safe manner. Today, plastic packaging is in high demand for these products. If you are in charge of making the decisions for your company, you need to understand the various do’s and don’ts of plastic food packaging before you attempt to select the one that is right for your products.

List of Do’s

1. Do be certain that the plastic is food grade to prevent it from leaching harmful chemicals into your food products. When companies turn to unsafe packaging for their edible products, consumers are in danger of becoming seriously ill when they eat these products.

2. Do use the right barrier level of plastic film in your packaging to ensure the highest protection possible for your food products. Each food item has special requirements so the barrier level necessary for quality plastic packaging will vary between items.

3. You also will need to purchase a packaging that is printable, especially if you are selling your products to retail establishments.

4. Purchase pouches that contain WICOVALVES® when your product produces gases inside its packaging, such as coffee does in its packaging. This type of valve allows users to release the gases that otherwise may harm the flavour and the aroma of the coffee when left in the packaging.

5. Do be sure that the plastic food packaging is biodegradable to ensure it will not harm the environment once consumers finish using the products inside of it.

List of Don’ts

1. Don’t place food in plastic packaging that is rated safe for only non-edible items. This will taint your products and make consumers ill.

2. Don’t limit yourself to just standard sizes of packaging since customisable options are available to you.

3. Don’t skimp on barrier protection. Purchase the strength of barrier protection that the experts recommend for your specific edible products.

When you follow the do’s and don’ts of plastic food packaging, you protect your edible products in the proper manner to ensure their freshness and safety to all who consume them. Quality plastic packaging is available that is ideal for meat, coffee, nuts and other snacks, beverages of any other edibles you can imagine. Just consult with AM Packaging to learn about our full line of food packaging that will fulfil all of your needs.

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