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Test of Strength in Packaging: Why Is This Very Important?

December 8, 2015

All packaging for products must live up to a certain consistent standard to ensure that the products stay safe for use by users. The only way to guarantee this happens is for the manufacturers to test the strength in packaging with all the options that they offer to companies. Various characteristics of the packaging are put through certain tests to discover if there are any weaknesses that call for correction.

Seal Testing

Testing the hold ability of a package’s seal is especially important if it will be protecting medical or food items. At times, this is to keep products fresh and at other times, it is for safe transport and storage of blood samples or products. If the seals will not hold to keep the bags or other packaging closed, then improvement is necessary before the packaging is usable.

Testing to Ensure That the Packaging Meets Government Specifications

The government has definite packaging requirements for medical and food storage containers. Testing will ensure all packaging is up to these standards. Quality control is of the utmost importance since clients depend on the trustworthiness of the packaging that they select for their specific needs.

Impact Testing

During impact testing, the manufacturer will discover if the materials, seams and seals will withstand the normal jostling around that the packaging will receive while in storage or transport. In addition, it is ideal to understand how puncture-proof a form of packaging is in order to recommend the proper uses of it to the clients.

The Test of Strength Will Help Improve Packaging Options in the Future

Ongoing improvements in packaging by referring to testing statistics will ensure stronger, better packaging in the future. When you increase the durability of the packaging, you automatically extend the shelf life of a number of different products.

Tensile Strength Testing

With this style of testing, the manufacturer discovers what the maximum load is for a packaging option before it breaks. We even utilise this test with our plastic packaging along with the other ones above here at AM Packaging to ensure the quality of our packaging options.

Test of strength in packaging is all about quality control and the ability to provide packaging options that perform in the best possible manner for our clients. Turn to our company to discover what options we can offer you in packaging.

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