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Quad Seal Bags keeps products fresh longer

March 13, 2015

When it comes to packaging, Quad seal bags are regarded as one of the more reliable packaging options on the market. In actual fact, they provide extremely durable and secure packaging bags that are incomparable. These bags are generally utilized for heavier type packaging to keep products fresh longer and reduce spoilage. However, because of their customized features, Quad seal bags are used to pack about every product around.

A Variety of Features

Quad seal bags ensure extra strength with a tight seal on four sides of the bag. They also come with printed and unprinted options making it easy to design the ideal packaging to fit your business needs. What is more, Quad seal bags can even be customized to exact preferences to your liking. With its extra durability and four-sided graphic print, Quad seal bags have a state-of-the-art appeal that consumers find very alluring.

Unique Packaging for Extra Strength

Quad seal bags have a streamline look with a characteristic box pouch. Their unique packaging gives it extra strength to keep products fresh for a longer period of time. When the bags are manufactured, the first three sides are securely sealed with one side of the bag left open to fill the product. The bag is then tightly sealed with a heat sealing device that gives it an extra tight seal.

These exclusive durable bags have many features to keep products fresh longer such as a euro slot, a degassing valve, re-sealable zippers and hanging holes. Most Quad seal bags are made with co-extruded and mono film materials for added convenience. They are also manufactured with high barrier lamination layers for extra durability and protection.

Quad seal bags are ideal for products that have to be kept very fresh such as coffee, nuts, fruit juice, soup, chocolate, confectionaries, protein powder and pet food. And with added benefits, these bags are able to stand unattended on the shelves. They also lower storage and transport cost, have easy open tear notches making them very consumer friendly and can be used as either a primary or refill package.

Huge Reduction of Loss

Quad seal bags greatly reduce product waste and loss. It is intentionally designed with a reinforced structure so that products have an extended shelf life and attractive display. Compared to other packaging, Quad seal bags have lower breakage costs, a valve that protects products from rupturing during shipment and extra strong seals that keep products fresh longer.

Additionally, the well-designed packaging allows the bag to hold its shape giving more room on the shelf for other products. In addition, they have a smooth surface for easy application of labels. Quad seal bags also come in a wide range of pouch sizes plus they are usually available in a matt, shiny or gloss finish.

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