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Barrier, Lidding & Thermoform Films,meat packaging,packaging
  • Barrier, Lidding & Thermoform Films,innovative packaging,packaging industry
  • Barrier, Lidding & Thermoform Films,food packaging solutions,innovative packaging
  • Barrier, Lidding & Thermoform Films,courier bags,innovative packaging
  • Barrier, Lidding & Thermoform Films,meat packaging,courier bags
  • Barrier, Lidding & Thermoform Films,meat packaging,pouch bags
  • Barrier, Lidding & Thermoform Films,food packaging,food packaging solutions
  • Barrier, Lidding & Thermoform Films,courier bags,packaging solution
Barrier, Lidding & Thermoform Films
Product Properties


Technical Specifications
Available in 34 um
Up to 800mm
Moisture Vapour:
8gm/m2 per 24 hrs.
Oxygen Vapour:
10cc/m2 per 24 hrs.



A&M Packaging is pleased to introduce our new line of Lidding Film which we have named “The Reit Film” after our very own Managing Director Mark Reitberger who, together with our R&D team has developed this new film.

This film is ideal for MAP and has both easy peel and weld seal capabilities to PE, PP, PS, PET and PVC containers. Our Printed Lidding Films are an alternative to traditional label application, cutting costs and reducing materials & manpower.


Other Benefits

Our specially developed Lidding Film is ideal for trap/reverse printing, which removes scuffing of the printed finish.

Includes Anti-fog, perfect for chill case presentation.

Anti-fog additives can be adjusted for specific markets.

Applications include Meat, Poultry and Seafood.

AM Packaging “Reit Films” conforms to FDA Food Grade Standards.

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