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Is Your Packaging Choice Smart? Does It Really Say All You Need It To?

November 5, 2014

Got a snack you want to take with you to work? Put it in a vacuum pouch. Want to send leftover meals to your guests? Store them in thermoform films. Sending important documents somewhere? Place them in a courier bag and you’re good to go. Most people don’t realize that it’s impossible to live without packaging nowadays.

Truly, packaging options are quite handy. Think about it. Would you rather carry along a large bag of potato chips or a kilo can of nuts with you? Of course a bag of chips is easier to carry around with you.You can use packages to keep snacks and other food in smaller quantities so they would be easier to carry around. With important documents and items for mail, there are specific types of packaging meant to safeguard them from wear and tear, and to also protect their confidentiality. The question is, are your packaging choices smart?

Smart Packaging Choices for Food

Food is a very delicate commodity that needs to be packed properly. The wrong choice in packaging can risk the food spoiling faster or being contaminated. Foods that have moisture such as breads, cooked meats, nuts, spices, soups, and pastries need to be stored in vacuum pouches, to limit the risk of spoiling. These airtight containers reduce their chances of contamination or spoiling and increases food shelf life. Dry foods like potato chips and cookies can be stored in fin, lap, and quad seal bags. These are less prone to spoilage and do not require vacuum containers.

What about fresh food like meat? Meats for refrigeration and freezing can be placed in barrier, lidded, or thermoform films. These packaging options can be particularly useful for marinating and storing cut meats, although they may be used to store other foods like pastas and desserts as well. Poultry and seafood may also be kept in these containers. To see is to believe. The addition of anti-fog films means you won’t have to worry about wondering what’s inside the package, or if it is safe to eat or not.

Smart Packaging Choices for Courier

If you intend to send important documents, cash, or checks, consider opting for packaging options designed for courier and safety concerns. Special courier packaging are specifically designed for two things: promote the confidentiality of the package’s content, and to ensure the security of the packaged items.

The best packaging options for sending documents, cash, or checks are equipped with a self-sealing, tamper-evident tape and that has a tear-off receipt with tracking numbers. These are also ideally made of non-slip material and have white write-on panels for record keeping and signature. Some even have punched out carry handles which are a lot easier to carry. But what truly makes a smart packaging choice for couriers is its capability to protect its contents from prying eyes and tampering. For more information about types of packaging, have a look at this site:

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