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How Your Packaging Decisions Are Marketing Related

October 19, 2014

It does not matter if you are designing a package for a new product or updating an existing products look you have to take all the concerning factors into account when deciding on packaging. If you are one of those companies that consider your product and its features to be enough, you are sorely mistaking the impact of packaging. Packaging plays one of the biggest roles when it comes down to sales of a product.

The design, look and information of packaging are therefore extremely important to a products success and to give your product that desired competitive edge. There are mainly six factors to consider when designing packaging for any product and they are as follow:

  • Packaging has to be unique.
  • Packaging has to be safe for consumers.
  • Packaging needs to be easy to remove.
  • Packaging must promote the product.
  • Packaging has to be practical.
  • Packaging must emphasise the brand.

You have to do market research before deciding upon suitable packaging as there are many factors here as well that will finally have an impact on your product packaging. Your target market’s age, race, gender and use of the product will differ severely therefore consideration is needed as you would most likely want to keep your buyers attention. Packaging is a powerful tool if used correctly thus aiding in the amount of sales.

Packaging also has to protect the product in addition to being functional, and inform the potential consumer of the content as well as use of said product.

You could also try ‘copy-cat’ packaging which could fool potential clients into buying your product and if they are pleased they may continue to use your products. This option ought to only be tried on products that are top brands although one should be extremely careful not to have a too similar packaging as to stay clear of copy infringement. Packaging has to be tested for consumer ease of use plus safety issues should be looked at.

People do not want to battle more just to get the product free from the packaging than what they want to battle to use or understand the product itself. With technology adding comfort and ease of use to products in our advanced lives why should we battle with packaging? The aim of packaging is to promote a product and consequently increase the sales hence it has to add benefit. Many people buy on impulse so if a products packaging looks complicated or boring they will rather take another product that looks interesting. Multi-functional packaging is a great way to promote and establish a product or a brand.

Using a company to assist from the designing stage to the packaging completion can also add to promoting your product as they have the knowledge and skill required. A professional company can give new ideas as well as aid you in deciding upon the correct colour, design and much more. Contact a packaging company that has all you will need via this web page and make your dreams come to life.

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