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Green Revolution: Why Should Packaging Be Biodegradable and Not Just Recyclable?

November 13, 2015

We are in the midst of a green revolution today, and the media uses terms such as recyclable and biodegradable to describe the various packaging options companies offer their clients. Both options are better than the traditional packaging is, as it does not break down in landfills or does and releases harmful agents into the environment since it contains toxic materials. You may wonder, though, which of these types of packaging is better for packaging at present. A&M Packaging is here to explain why you should turn to biodegradable packaging to meet your company’s packaging needs instead of recyclable packaging.

Facts about Recyclable Packaging

The upside of recyclable packaging is that you can reprocess it into new products.
Glass, cardboard and aluminum are three examples of recyclable packaging options. While recycling keeps a portion of these materials out of the landfills, it does not keep all of them from these disposal sites. The fact that these packaging options are recyclable does not mean that they are biodegradable or safe for the environment.

Information about Packaging that is Biodegradable

Biodegradable packaging does not contain toxic chemicals and breaks down into biomass, either in compost piles when materials are acceptable or in the landfills without damaging the environment. It can do this since it is made from renewable materials such as sugar cane and corn. Today, this is the preferable form of packaging when you are in search of a truly green option as the production process for making this type of packaging calls for far less CO2 than the manufacturing process of oil-based plastics calls for at present. In addition, packaging that is biodegradable decomposes in as little as three months.

Clients Are in Search of Green Companies

Clients are in search of companies that believe in participating in green practices today, such as utilising biodegradable containers for all their products. For this reason, you will increase your client base and revenue stream when you select biodegradable options for your product packaging needs. At the same time that you attract new clients, you will leave less of a carbon footprint on the world.

A&M Packaging Provides Biodegradable Options

Now that you understand why packaging that is biodegradable is better than recyclable packaging is, you may wonder where to order the packaging options that you require for your products. The answer is A&M Packaging since we provide a wide assortment of fully biodegradable options that do not lose structural integrity and perform up to optimum standard through the life of the packaging. Our company guarantees that our packaging will break down 100 percent into harmless biomass. Consult with us on your biodegradable packaging needs today, so we can explain all the options that we will provide for your company.


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