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Functions of the WICOVALVE®

February 15, 2016

Over the years, food producers have discovered that certain food items generate gases as they sit in their packaging. When left unchecked, these gases will negatively affect the aroma and lifespan of these edibles. WIPF developed the WICOVALVE® to solve this problem. This product is a one-way valve that fits into various types of packaging, and it allows users to release the gases periodically by opening and closing the valve.

How This Valve Works

Package manufacturers install this valve in packages of various strengths and can adjust the pressure and flow rates to meet their clients’ specific needs. In addition, different filter options are available. The way this valve works is simple as the membrane decompresses to let the gases out while its sealant prevents the oxygen from entering into the container.

Uses for This Valve

The top use for the WICOVALVE® has to be to protect roasted coffee in its pouch. Coffee quickly loses its aroma and freshness when you expose it to light, moisture and oxygen. When the coffee is inside a package with the proper barrier level with this valve, though, you can preserve the coffee in such a way as to offer customers the perfect cup each time they brew it.

With the right packaging, this valve even allows people to steam the food inside the packaging in the microwave. Single servings or large portions of food both work with this valve in microwavable containers. The users just need to open the valve during cooking to ensure that the pressure does not build up while the food heats to the desired temperature.

When raw sauerkraut is not heat treated, it will ferment in its pouch. When the pouches contain this one-way valve, the gases from the fermentation process are released successfully to protect the sauerkraut from over exposure. Since the valve is sealed into the upper part of the pouch, the pouches should always be stored standing up to lessen the valve’s exposure to liquid.

Another important function of this valve is to allow easy access to dry goods by pouring directly from the packaging. Nuts, confectioneries and grains are just a few examples of these products. Air is typically trapped in the upper area of the packages for these goods and with the help of this one-way valve, the air is released to ensure the stability or the product and to store the pouches easily even on a pallet without undue slippage.

When you desire a way to protect the freshness, aroma and lifespan of your products, consult with our company to learn if the packaging that contains the WICOVALVE® is your answer. We offer a variety of pouch sizes with different barrier options that include this valve.


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