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Functions of One Way Pressure-Relief Valves in Packaging

November 5, 2015

One way pressure-relief valves or degassing valves in packaging allow air to escape an airtight container while it also keeps air from returning to the container in the process. Valves such as these are important in food packaging to prevent oxygen from degrading the food that is in the packaging. A&M Packaging offers these valves in our pouches to enable our clients to protect the freshness their food products to ensure that their customers receive a quality product.

Parts of a Degassing Valve

The degassing valve contains four basic parts, namely the body, rubber disc, silicon oil and filter. Each part plays an important function in the effectiveness of the valves. Learn additional facts below:

• The body of the valve attaches to an airtight container
• The rubber disc adheres to the body to enable the airtight seal with the help of a single layer of the silicon oil
• The filter keeps minute particles from clogging the valve

Uses for Packaging Containing One Way Pressure-Relief Valves

The most common use of packaging that contains a one-way degassing valve is to preserve the freshness of roasted coffee. Coffee is extremely sensitive to exposure to oxygen, and the flavour and quality of it will degrade quickly when not packaged correctly. A degassing valve also vents the buildup of CO2 gas that fresh roasted coffee gives off for about seven days after the roasting process is complete. In addition, it keeps moisture, oxygen and contaminants away from degrading the quality of the coffee.

Coffee producers or manufacturers must package their coffee immediately upon roasting it to ensure that it loses none of its freshness. For this reason, they turn to the packaging that contains the one-way degassing valves. With minimal oxidation, a company’s fresh roasted coffee will taste as if it was just roasted whenever anyone uses it. In addition, there is less product waste since this type of packaging increases the shelf stability of coffee.

Even though the most common use of this type of packaging is for safeguarding coffee, other products also can benefit from the packaging that contains one-way degassing valves. Nuts, potato chips, cookies and all sorts of other perishable products will stay fresher in this type of packaging. Just evaluate the packaging conditions that your products require to decide whether or not to utilize this type of packaging.

A&M Packaging provides a wide assortment of products that includes packaging that contains one way pressure-relief valves. Consult with us about all your packaging needs to learn how we assist your company in safeguarding its products. Our expert staff will guide you to the precise items that suit your specific requirements.


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