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Food Sanitation and Proper Packaging – Why is this important?

May 11, 2015

When you walk down the grocery isle it is plain to see that the packaging industry has come a long way in innovation. Today there are a wide variety of options for both consumers and packaging companies, from easy to open pouches to air tight quad seal bags. The selections are endless.

And when it comes to packaging, market strategy is vital. Truthfully, a company needs to embellish the packaging in order to catch the eyes of the consumer. In fact, some companies spend more on packaging than the product itself.

Nonetheless, there are other variables to consider such as shipping, shelf life and durability. As well, proper packaging for food sanitation and others issues are critically important for many reasons.

Protecting the Products

When it comes to food, it is very important that proper packaging be applied. Products need protection against all types of damage. As well, food products need to be safeguarded against contamination such as moisture, air, micro-organisms and toxins. In addition, the packaging needs to be durable enough for shipping and potential tampering. What is more, proper packaging needs to guarantee that all chemical, natural and physical needs are met.

Preventing Damage

Proper packaging needs to ensure food sanitation by preventing leakage and spills. The food packages must have a tight seal and must be crafted out of durable material. That way the product is not compromised from the moment it leaves the packaging plant until it reaches the consumer.

Proper Labeling

Proper labeling and identification is also important. Food products need labels for ingredients, nutritional information and expiration dates. Not only is this information useful for consumers, but it helps grocery stores organize their products and allows them to pull items off the shelf if an item expires.

The Cost of Packaging

The costs of packaging and shipping can quickly add up. Even more so, spoilage or damage to a product can be rather expensive. Not only is the product unsellable once it is contaminated but there are also health concerns for the consumer. In addition, there are shipping costs, labor costs and possible liabilities.
To ensure that there is ultimate food sanitation and to reduce costs due to spoilage or damage, proper packaging is essential. In fact, overhead is greatly reduced with quality packaging.

The Best Quality for the Consumer

Once a consumer finds a brand that they like, they usually will stay with that brand. As well, a consumer needs to be able to rely and trust a brand and know that it is food safe. If a consumer has a bad experience with a product, the news spreads like wildfire. This is one of the many reasons why it is so important to have proper packaging.

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