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Flexible Packaging Manufacturer: Choosing the Right One for the Job

March 22, 2016

Flexible or plastic packaging provides a lightweight, durable and attractive method to protect and display products today. It comes in different barrier strengths to provide the necessary protection to all types of edible and other items. Certain items require additional safeguards to ensure their freshness or security. The secret to locating quality in this type of packaging is to select the right flexible packaging manufacturer for the job of supplying it to your company. We provide suggestions below on what the right company should offer you to gain your business.

The Packaging Films Should Be Biodegradable

The Company should utilise state-of-the-art techniques and materials to ensure its packaging films are fully biodegradable while keeping their structural integrity and high-performance level. Once the films are no longer in use for protecting a product, they need to break down completely into biomass. As a result, the packaging films will help your company leave a green rather than a carbon footprint.

The Types of Flexible-Packaging Options That the Company Should Provide Your Business

The right flexible packaging manufacturer for your needs will offer a wide variety of options, such as:

• Fin, Quad and Lap Seal Bags – Bags such as these are ideal to protect and display confectionery products such as potato chips and sweet treats. These bags should also be able to work with form, fill and seal machines. Certain ones hang on racks, thanks to a hole punch while other ones just sit on shelves.

• Three-sided Seal and Vacuum Pouches – These pouches provide a high level of protection for poultry, seafood, breads, soups, spices, nuts, medical items and more. The barrier protection should be adjustable to allow for variances in the needs of the intended products.

• Lidding, Barrier and Thermoform Films – Films such as these should be high quality, and they also should provide peel and weld seals for PE, PS, PP, PVC and PET containers.

• Courier and Security Bags – These bags need to offer various degrees of security and tamper evidence depending upon your needs.

• Stand-Up, Doy and K Seal Pouches – Pouches of this style should come with one-way valves for coffee or other products that need the periodic release of gases, or with re-sealable zips. You can protect coffee, confectionery products, nuts, soup, fruit juice and pet food with these pouches.

Printing and Customisation Are Desirable Extras

Since all the items are printable, the right company should offer you printing services as part of your ordering process. In addition, it should offer you the ability to customise the packaging options to fit your specific needs.

You need to search no further for all these features and offerings than A&M Packaging. We are the right flexible packaging manufacturer to provide all your company’s needs in flexible packaging.

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