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Customised Vacuum Pouches by A&M Packaging

March 20, 2015

The best businesses in the food industry know that without good packaging, their products are close to nothing. They can make great tasting food and high quality food products but it’s the packaging that helps keep them fresh and prevent perishables from spoiling. That’s not all! Packaging also promotes consumer safety by protecting food from damage, chemicals, and the environment.

When it comes to packaging, customised vacuum pouches by A&M Packaging are top-notch choices. These are ideal for storing food and related products such as cooking ingredients and condiments, to name just a few. Vacuum packs are also excellent for wet foods like meats, seafoods, soups, and preserved fruits. But they may also be used for dry fares like poultry, bread, nuts, spices and sweets.

Why are vacuum pouches ideal as food packaging?

Vacuumed pouches are basically air-tight – that is, they contain far less oxygen than other types of packaging. Right before these food packs are sealed, most of the air is removed through vacuuming. They are made of materials that prevent oxygen from passing through and getting into the package and thus ruining food.

Oxygen degrades food quality because it promotes the proliferation of bacteria, risking spoilage, rancidity, and food poisoning. The presence of oxygen in food packs also deteriorates the aesthetics of certain foods like sliced fruits by turning them brown.

Vacuuming eliminates these risks since it removes oxygen from the equation. Furthermore, it offers additional benefits not found in regular food packages. Basically, vacuum pouches extend the shelf life of foods. Fresh meats, for example, can last up to 4 months when stored at freezing point. When stored in the same temperature minus the vacuum pack, these meats will only last from days to less than 3 weeks. Dry foods last even much longer in air-tight packages.

Vacuum pouches are no different from other packages in that they also protect food from exposure to light and moisture. They are impenetrable to non-corrosive chemicals, further ensuring the safety of consumer health.

Vacuum Pouches by A&M Packaging

A&M Packaging provides vacuum pouches that not only extend the shelf life of foods but are also durable and attractive to consumers. In addition to vacuum packs, they offer 3 side sealed bags with excellent quality seal strength, allowing for consumers to reseal bags while reducing the food’s exposure to oxygen.

Clienteles can request for customised vacuum pouches more suited for the quantity of their products. And, these specially designed food packs can have up to 400 mm in width. Vacuumed bags by A&M Packaging are FDA Food Grade Quality so you are guaranteed to have happy and healthy customers. For more information about the types of vacuum pouches available, please contact A&M Packaging today:

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