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Courier / Security Bags : A & M Packing isn’t just for food

January 23, 2015

A & M Packaging is a multifaceted company that is receptive to the business needs of many industries. Its customized packaging aims to exceed customer satisfaction. Though its packages have structural stability which effectively prevent contamination, the company’s product pricing is affordable and at the same time retain a customized personal touch, which consists of the right combination of materials and service. All packaging products are one hundred percent biodegradable.

Types of packaging material include paper, foil, bendable and flexible plastic, with a Food Safety Management System that ensures that the quality of the products stored are intact. Mainly, A & M Packaging ensures the handling and storing of food products, and guarantees that the food stored within their packaging is kept fresh.

A & M Packing isn’t just for food

But A & M packaging isn’t just for food. Considering the role of packaging in many industries, it is becoming more significant in the day-to-day operations of many companies. Because of this trend, A&M Packaging has created modified packages for much broader purposes:

1. Storage convenience. The main purpose for packaging is to contain and maintain the contents for safekeeping. Storage may either be for physical protection or for barrier protection.

a. Physical protection. Protects packaging contents wherever it is stored from vibrations, mechanical shocks, electrostatic and electromagnet discharges, compressions, change of temperature, water spoilage, fissure, breakage, and as such.

b. Barrier protection storage. To ensure the protection of the contents as is where is, they must also be free from oxygen, water vapor, dust, and as such, by containing modified atmospheres with necessary desiccants or absorbents. The contents must also be free from any pests and other potential hazards. Appropriate barrier protection must reduce security risks and other pilferages by containing tamper resistance features.

2. Marketing convenience. Packaging is essential for marketing purposes to attract and encourage potential buyers to buy the product. This includes the usage of marketing communication and graphic designs with an aesthetic identity. Package advertising must support the marketing of the product and establish the manufacturer’s profile in the marketplace, A&M Packaging accomplishes is well known for this.

Courier / Security Bags

Couriers and security bags are no less important, but packaging differs from food products, however, these also must be designed and constructed with quality, safety, distinction, affordability, convenience and aesthetic beauty in mind.

A & M Packaging features convenience in the distribution, handling, opening, dispensing, reusing, recycling, and disposal of courier and security bags and the protection of the content stored within. A & M Packaging is, at its best, affordable, effective and environmentally friendly. And, A & M Packaging isn’t just for food. They also make quality courier and security bags. For more information, visit their website, here:

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