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Flexible Packaging Manufacturer: Choosing the Right One for the Job

March 22, 2016
Flexible or plastic packaging provides a lightweight, durable and attractive method to protect and display products today. It comes in different barrier strengths to provide the necessary protection to all types of edible and other ...

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The Importance of Branding and Design in Plastic Packaging

March 7, 2016
Today, companies must focus a great deal of attention and consideration on the design and branding of their plastic packaging. Without ensuring that this packaging provides adequate protection for their product while it also promotes ...

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The Do’s and Don’ts in Plastic Food Packaging: Knowing What Is Right for Your Products

February 24, 2016
One of the most important elements of the food industry after the quality of the products is how to protect the food products for storage, transport and sale in a way that retains its freshness ...

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Functions of the WICOVALVE®

February 15, 2016
Over the years, food producers have discovered that certain food items generate gases as they sit in their packaging. When left unchecked, these gases will negatively affect the aroma and lifespan of these edibles. WIPF ...

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The Versatility of Zipper Pouches as a Packaging Product

January 27, 2016
Pouches made from barrier films with zippers allow consumers to open them, take out a portion of the contents and then reclose them to keep the remainder of the contents fresh. With this packaging product ...

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Importance of Food-Safety Management in Packaging Products

January 13, 2016
Food-safety management involves selecting quality products, processing them in safe methods and correctly packaging products for storage and sale. The last item on this list is what we will discuss today. Packaging must meet certain ...

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Test of Strength in Packaging: Why Is This Very Important?

December 8, 2015
All packaging for products must live up to a certain consistent standard to ensure that the products stay safe for use by users. The only way to guarantee this happens is for the manufacturers to ...

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Advantages of Biodegradable Films for Food Packaging

December 1, 2015
In years past, food producers have had to depend on unsafe materials to package their product in since nothing better was available at the time. Research over the years has led to improvements in packaging ...

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Green Revolution: Why Should Packaging Be Biodegradable and Not Just Recyclable?

November 13, 2015
We are in the midst of a green revolution today, and the media uses terms such as recyclable and biodegradable to describe the various packaging options companies offer their clients. Both options are better than ...

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Functions of One Way Pressure-Relief Valves in Packaging

November 5, 2015
One way pressure-relief valves or degassing valves in packaging allow air to escape an airtight container while it also keeps air from returning to the container in the process. Valves such as these are important ...

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Vacuum Packaging Uses and Advantages

October 27, 2015
Companies often turn to vacuum packaging or packing today to protect their food products to extend the period of marketability of the products. The reason they do is that foods that are vacuumed packed stay ...

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The Importance of Customised Packaging for Different Products

October 5, 2015
The importance of customised packaging for different products is paramount to the success of a business. Customised packaging not only safeguards a product from damage during transportation but it protects against spoilage and increases sales. ...

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Why Should Packaging Products Be Biodegradable?

September 22, 2015
Today, there is a high demand for recycled and sustainable packaging. In fact, biodegradable packaging products are one of the biggest trends in living green. However, many claim that this trend is here to stay. ...

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Best Uses for Doypack Pouches

September 1, 2015
Doypack pouches are highly useful for holding a variety of products since their design allows them to stand upright on warehouse, retail or other types of shelves. The pouches are ideal for both mechanical and ...

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Be Smart! Stop Food Spoilage with High-Quality Packaging Products

August 18, 2015
When you are in the business of marketing food in one manner or another, you must be smart to stop food spoilage from occurring in order to increase the food’s shelf life. High-quality packaging products ...

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What Are Lidding Films and Their Uses?

August 7, 2015
Modern materials create all sorts of effective packaging options today. At times, these options provide clear seals for food containers and at other times, branded bags, seals or other types of packaging. Lidding films are ...

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The Importance of Courier/Security Bags in the Medical Industry

July 21, 2015
The medical industry must keep vital supplies, tissue samples, blood products, medications, medical papers and other important medical items safe during storage and transport. As a result, the industry relies heavily on courier/security bags to ...

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Differences Between Gravure and Flexo Print in Packaging

July 15, 2015
The packaging industry is assuming a larger role than ever before thanks to global demand. No longer content to deal with local distributors, consumers shop further afield. Businesses and commercial ventures adopt this buying pattern ...

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Marketing and Branding: How the Right Packaging Can Boost your Business?

June 23, 2015
The first lesson of marketing is to follow the 6 P’s of developing an effective plan: • Product • Price • Placement • Promotion • People • Process. Branding A product brand is a name, ...

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How Does Quality and Proper Packaging Increase Food Shelf Life?

June 12, 2015
Food packaging is primarily intended to protect the food contained in the packaging from temperature and atmospheric changes, oxygen, dust and moisture, as well as increase its shelf life, or the maximum length of time ...

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Biodegradable Packaging and Its Importance for our Environment

May 25, 2015
“Australians use six billion plastic bags every year!” Packaging is primarily plastics because it affords protection from the elements and handling and is cheap to produce. The primary issue is, it is such a durable ...

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Food Sanitation and Proper Packaging – Why is this important?

May 11, 2015
When you walk down the grocery isle it is plain to see that the packaging industry has come a long way in innovation. Today there are a wide variety of options for both consumers and ...

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What Food Products are Best Stored in 3 Side Seal and Vacuum Pouches?

April 30, 2015
Today, companies can find innovative solutions for all their packaging needs. They can select from a large array of options to improve shelf life and barrier protection for their food products. In addition, cutting-edge packaging ...

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What are the Different Kinds of Packaging for Food?

April 13, 2015
Today companies can choose from a wide variety of packaging for their food products. Not only are there different types of packaging but there are also numerous features and benefits to fit the needs of ...

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