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Best Uses for Doypack Pouches

September 1, 2015

Doypack pouches are highly useful for holding a variety of products since their design allows them to stand upright on warehouse, retail or other types of shelves. The pouches are ideal for both mechanical and manual filling methods. In addition, they come in different protective levels depending on a client’s specific needs.

Wide Range of Uses

The doypack pouches protect a variety of products from various industries. Just read some examples of these products below:

1. Food and Beverage Products

• Coffee beans or ground coffee, especially with doypack pouches with one-way valves
• Soups
• Snacks
• Chocolate
• Candy
• Frozen and refrigerated foods
• A variety of dairy products, including powdered milk
• Powdered and liquid beverages
• Dog, cat and other pet food

2. Automotive Products

• Engine oils
• Automotive cleaning solutions

3. Home Cleaning and Maintenance Products

• Laundry detergents
• Dishwashing powders or liquids
• Cleaning solutions for the floors or other household items

4. Pharmaceutical Products

• Medicinal creams
• Medications
• Skin creams, including sunscreen products
• Personal-care products such as toothbrushes and shampoos

5. Chemically-Based Products

• Paints
• Pest-control solutions
• Adhesives
• Plant fertilizer

6. Clothing Products

• Socks
• Underwear
• Other textile products

Many types of products that will fit into a bag will be ideal for a doypack pouch, so if your product is not on the list, you still need to consider utilizing this product.

Benefits of Doypack Pouches

1. Doypacks maintain the product in a safe manner since their construction is of high-quality barrier films.

2. The pouches are customisable according to the level of protection that you require for your product with a variety of different laminations and materials.

3. With easy to open tear notches and the ability to reclose the zippers, these pouches also are consumer-friendly.

4. The pouches are ideal for flex and 12-colour gravure printing methods, and this enables manufacturers and marketers to brand their products in an attractive manner to catch the eye of the buyer.

5. Doypacks are durable and leak resistant, which makes them ideal for many types of liquids.

6. Another benefit is the fact that these pouches require less space in a freezer, refrigerator or shelf, and this means you can store or stock a larger amount of product.

7. Since these pouches are up to 70 percent lighter in weight than traditional box packaging is, shipping costs may be lower.

8. Various sizes are available.

With all the uses and benefits for the doypack pouches, it is easy to realise why so many industries depend on them for their packaging needs. If you need further information on these pouches for your own uses, please contact us today.

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