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Be Smart! Stop Food Spoilage with High-Quality Packaging Products

August 18, 2015

When you are in the business of marketing food in one manner or another, you must be smart to stop food spoilage from occurring in order to increase the food’s shelf life. High-quality packaging products will enable you to obtain this goal with your various edible items. Products such as these come in a variety of forms from our company. We provide you with an explanation of each of our food-packaging options in the following descriptions.

3-Sided Sealed Bags & Vacuum Pouches

Most of the bags and pouches that fall into this category are viable packaging solutions for our clients to extend the shelf life of their food products while they promote their brand. We can print our clients’ logos and product information on these with flexo or gravure techniques in up to 12 colours. This packaging is suitable for seafood, poultry, breads, soups, spices, nuts and more. Our clients can order these bags and pouches in sizes up to 400mm in width. A packaging option such as this also is ideal for fully automated, semi-automated and hand-packed packaging systems.

Stand-Up Pouches

Our Company has been offering our clients durable stand-up pouches for more than 10 years. Clients such as you can seal in the freshness of all sorts of confectionery, nut, coffee, soup and fruit juice products with this packaging selection. Stand-up pouches come with one-way valves or re-sealable zip seals. Since these come in a variety of barrier films suitable for flexo or gravure printing, our clients can brand their products in up to 12 different colours. Clients receive numerous benefits from this style of packaging, including it being an economical option, it is usable for both refillable and primary packaging, it is easy to open and close, and it comes in a variety of sizes just for some examples.

Lap, Quad and Fin Seal Bags

Clients use the bags in this category for protecting potato chips, confectionery products and other types of snacks. On top of this, these bags are ideal for use with fill, form, and seal machines. Once the products are inside the bags, the containers can hang on racks thanks to special punch holes or just sit on shelves. As with the other options above, printing is available to brand these bags.

Our quality packaging stops food spoilage and seals in freshness throughout the storage and sales process. It further allows consumers to store food safely in their homes to ensure the food stays fresh for consumption as long as possible. Through printing techniques and colours, we can place brand, nutritional and other information on the packages for the benefit of the manufacturer, seller and consumer. If you are in search of an ideal packaging option for your food items, please contact our company to discover further information of the above packaging options.

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