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Advantages of Biodegradable Films for Food Packaging

December 1, 2015

In years past, food producers have had to depend on unsafe materials to package their product in since nothing better was available at the time. Research over the years has led to improvements in packaging in a major way. Today, food companies appreciate being able to utilise biodegradable films for food packaging needs. Learn about the advantages of these films in food packaging in the following list.

1. Films that are biodegradable do not contain chemicals or harmful materials that can seep into the food to contaminate it. Packaging products in the past have contained certain elements that leached into the food and thus, into our bodies. Today, there are the toxic-free materials that manufacturers now include in their food packaging options that remove this issue.

2. It takes 50 percent less energy to produce films that are biodegradable compared to those that are not biodegradable. A manufacturer such as our company can manufacture twice as much of this film for the same energy cost. As a result, the manufacturers can sell this film or products that include it at affordable prices.

3. Under the right conditions, it takes less time for biodegradable films to break down once people finish using them. The ideal way to ensure that these films decompose is to ensure they are placed into a composting environment. Of course, many enlightened people recycle them instead of disposing of them.

4. Films of a biodegradable nature are made with renewable resources. Resources such as these are abundant worldwide and in no fear of extinction. They include organic materials such as corn and other plants that easily decompose in composting piles.

5. Packaging films that will decompose with composting methods are less harmful to the environment. They leave less of a carbon footprint and pollute the environment to a lesser degree with their decomposition under the right conditions. At times, special bacteria are utilised to speed up the decomposition of these films.

6. Along with all these other benefits, biodegradable, packaging films are usable in a variety of packaging options from stand up pouches to barrier films for food containers. On top of this, they are printable for branding purposes when necessary.

A&M Packaging Offers Fully Biodegradable Packaging Options

Our company produces biodegradable films for food packaging that perform excellently over their lives without losing any of their structural integrity. We develop our films with the assistance of the latest version of molecular chain deconstruction management to produce the highest quality films possible. A&M also guarantees that the films break down 100 percent into biomass. Please consult with us on your needs for all of our packaging products to allow us to point out which of our options are ideal for your products.

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