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3 Side Seal &Vacuum Pouches,meat packaging,security bag
  • 3 Side Seal &Vacuum Pouches,food packaging,food packaging solutions
  • 3 Side Seal &Vacuum Pouches,courier bags,packing peanuts
  • 3 Side Seal &Vacuum Pouches,innovative packaging,vacuum pouches
  • 3 Side Seal &Vacuum Pouches,food packaging,vacuum pouches
  • 3 Side Seal &Vacuum Pouches,pouch bags,security bag
  • 3 Side Seal &Vacuum Pouches,food packaging solutions,pouch bags
  • 3 Side Seal &Vacuum Pouches,courier bags,security bag
  • 3 Side Seal &Vacuum Pouches,meat packaging,vacuum pouches
  • 3 Side Seal &Vacuum Pouches,food packaging,packaging industry
  • 3 Side Seal &Vacuum Pouches,food packages,food packaging solutions
  • 3 Side Seal &Vacuum Pouches,food packages,pouch bag
  • 3 Side Seal &Vacuum Pouches,pouch bags,packaging of food
3 Side Seal &Vacuum Pouches
Product Properties


Technical Specifications



A&M Packaging produces a wide range of 3 side sealed bags and vacum pouches, available with a number of different closure options.

The majority of these bags are printed giving our clients an excellent vehicle to promote their products and increase stand out on shelf with up to 12 colours printing in both Gravure or FLexo to suit your run lengths and quality requirements..

Using a wide range of materials allows these bags to offer an increased level of barrier protection for products such as:




Nuts & Spices

Soups etc.

We supply food services and medical companies with 3 sided bags where there is more requirement for a specific barrier property than a marketing purpose and the technical team here at A&M will work directly with you to ensure the specification is to your exact requirement.

Available in any size up to 400mm wide these bags have great appeal with companies that are looking to either hand pack , semi-automate and fully automated packing systems.

All AM Packaging pouches offer excellent seal strength, amazing clarity and outstanding durability.


A & M Packaging’s use of various film structures for our vacuum pouches gives extended shelf life to our customers’ food products.

The most common uses are

· Meat

· Cheese

· Poultry

· Fish

· Small goods

· Seafood

· Oils

· Liquids


Bags requiring a vacuum packaging application can be filled by standard vacuum methods such as:

  • Modified Atmosphere Pressure (MAP)
  • Gas Flushing
  • Boil in the bag processes.
A & M Packaging can offer up to 9 layer Co-extruded films that give a high puncture resistance for even the hardest bone packing.Metallized structures for retorting, silicon and Aluminum oxide are used for different barriers to maximize self-life and add presentation to your packing.A & M Packaging also offers as various additional additions to their packaging such as resalable zip, euro hole, round hole, Hang-sell hole, rounded corners and tear nicks for ease of opening.Other BenefitsExcellent Heat Seal Properties, making this product suitable for most types of Vacuum Packing Machinery.High Oxygen and Moisture Barriers, assisting you to extend your products shelf life.Suitable for Gas Flushing and can also be used for freezing .Our specially developed Vacuum Pouches are built to be strong and durable with excellent puncture resistance.AM Packaging Vacuum Pouches conforms to FDA Food Grade Standards.

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